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i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean

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Mini Photo Adventure in SF w/ Ally.

photos by me.

Many tfti KChow

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I love when you first start dating someone

And everything is a rush. And you get smiley every time they text you. And everything reminds you of them. And you spend every moment you can together.

I’ve forgotten this. Except, to tell you the truth, I’ve never really truly had this. But I’m enjoying it. A whole lot.

"I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone."

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Loved meeting this little guy this morning and having a date with @ceceliafrench 😍👯🐶
Wedding selfie with this guy ☺️ @fowlah178
Wedding selfie with my best friend! @living_rachael 👯❤️
Wedding present from Mumma! #alexandani
Congrats to my very best friend, the woman who showed up in my life almost 16 years ago and changed my life for the better. You taught me almost everything I know, raised me to be the loving and considerate person I am today. You were there for me at my darkest times and my brightest. I owe you so much and will never be able to fully repay you. You proved that family isn’t by blood, it’s by loyalty and love and sticking by each others’ side. I’m so happy that you found someone you want to spend your life with, that you get to marry your best friend. I’m glad that even though we’re TECHNICALLY not related, that you’re still my Mumma, the only mother I have ever needed in my life, and that I get to spend this day with you. I love you Mumma. And I love Keith as well. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness.